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Hatsune Miku -MIKU LAND Princess Miku_0
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Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku -MIKU LAND Princess Miku

¥4,950(Tax Included)

Release date2023/04/28End of sales2023/05/31

No longer available


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This is a digital figure of "Hatsune Miku -MIKU LAND Princess Miku". Digital figures purchased via the official MIKU LAND website or VirtualCast can be used within the "HoloModels" app and "VirtualCast". <Serial Code Entry Procedure> (1) Purchase the serial code for the figure on the official MIKU LAND website or VirtualCast. (2) Log in to XMarket (this site) or register as a new user. Enter the 20-digit serial code from the "Enter Serial Code" button on the serial code entry page to redeem your digital figure. (3)Download the "HoloModels®︎"application. (4) Launch the application and tap the "Login” button. (5) Enter your XMarket registration information. (The app will automatically return to the title screen once the login is complete.) (6) Start the app and the purchased items will be added to the list of items in the app. ーーーーーー What is "MIKU LAND"? Miku Hatsune's official VR amusement park. You can communicate with other users in the VR space and enjoy shopping for Miku Land original products. ▽MIKU LAND official website https://mikuland.com/ ▽MIKU LAND official Twitter https://twitter.com/Mikuland_info ーーーーーー ▼Download the HoloModels app here.▼ https://xr-marketplace.com/en/download Please make sure that the HoloModels®︎ app is working properly on your device before purchasing the product.

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Hatsune Miku -MIKU LAND Princess Miku

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Wand of Mirai  

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