Terms of Service

These terms of service are provided by Gugenka Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") through its EC site and viewer apps (hereinafter referred to as the "Service"). All registered users (hereinafter referred to as "Users") are required to use the Service in accordance with this Agreement.

Article 1 (Application)

These Terms of Service shall apply to all relationships between the User and the Company regarding the use of the Service.

Article 2 (Registration)

  • When using this service, we recommend that you register for this service. If you do not register, some services may not be available.
  • Registration shall be completed when the user applies for registration in accordance with the method specified by the Company and the Company approves the application.
  • The Company may not approve the application for registration, if it determines that the applicant has the following reasons and shall not be obliged to disclose the reason.
    (1) If an applicant has submitted false information when applying for registration.
    (2) If the applicant has violated this agreement
    (3) In addition, if the company judges that the registration is not appropriate

Article 3 (Management of user ID and password)

  • Although the Service is open to the public, certain parts of the components, contents, and features of the Service are available only to individuals who have signed in to the Service using their Service ID and completed the registration process (Registered User). Users shall manage their user IDs and passwords for this service at their own risk.
  • Users are responsible for maintaining and managing their user IDs and passwords for this service in confidence, and may not transfer, lend, or sell them to a third party under any circumstances. In the event that a user logs in with a user ID and password combination that matches the registered information, the Company will assume that the user who has registered the user ID is using the Service. Even if the user ID and password are used by someone other than the member due to theft, misuse, or other circumstances, the company will not be responsible for any damage caused by such use.


1. ユーザーは、本サービスを利用して、商品またはサービス(以下「商品等」といいます。)を購入することができます。
2. ユーザーは、商品等の購入を希望する場合、当社が指定する方法に従って商品の購入を申込むものとします。
3. 商品購入に関する売買契約は、購入商品によって異なります。
・デジタル + リアル商品:購入ボタンを押した時点
4. 当社は、個々の注文画面又はご利用ガイドその他の本サービス上の画面において定めがある場合を除き、ユーザー都合での商品等の購入申込の撤回は一切受け付けないものとします。
5. 当社では、正確な商品情報を掲載するよう最善の努力をしますが、万が一誤った価格表記がされており、それに基づいた注文をいただいた場合は、売買契約成立までに弊社から変更の通知を行い、改めて変更後の価格でその注文の意思を確認させていただきます。
6. 本サービス利用に関してユーザーによる不正行為もしくは不適当な行為があった場合、または当社が配送した商品を、理由の如何を問わず商品を購入したユーザーが受領しなかった場合、当社は売買契約の解除、その他適切な措置を取ることができる(ユーザーが商品代金を支払い済みの場合を含みます。)ものとします。 この場合に当社に生じた費用(商品の配送料その他手数料を含みますが、これらに限りません。)は商品購入を行ったユーザーの負担とします。
7. 当社は、一定期間におけるお取引額が高額となる場合、ご連絡をさせていただくことがございます。ユーザー本人へのご連絡がつかない場合、当社は商品等の購入申込の取消、売買契約の解除その他適切な措置を取ることができるものとします。
8. 本サービスによるリアル商品等の配送先は、日本国内に限ります。
9. インターネット上の障害、その他当社に責任のない原因により、商品等購入の申込みが受理できなかった場合、当社はその責任を負いません。


1. リアル商品の配送は、当社もしくは当社が指定する配送業者による配送便で行います。なお、配送料は基本無料です(一部配送料が発生する場合があります)。
2. 商品によっては、諸般の事情で、あらかじめご案内した納期が変更される場合や品切れ等により納期が遅れる場合、また注文に応じられない場合もあります。これらの場合でも、当社は何ら賠償の責任を負わないものとします。
3. 当社が発送した商品がユーザーにより受領されなかった場合(受取拒否又は長期不在等により受け取られなかった場合を含みます。)当該ユーザーには、これによって当社に生じた費用(再配達費用等)をお支払いいただく場合があります。
4. 当社は、ユーザーにより受領されなかった商品を一定期間保管後に廃棄その他の処分をすることができるものとします。


1. 商品等のお支払い金額は、商品購入代金、送料、決済手数料および消費税等の合計となります。
2. 本サービスによって購入された商品等のお支払いに関しては、ユーザー本人名義のクレジットカード(当社が承諾するものに限ります。)またはd払いによるものとします。
3. クレジットカードでのお支払いの場合は、ユーザーがカード会社との間で別途契約する条件に従うものとします。また、ユーザーと当該クレジットカード会社等の間で紛争が発生した場合は、当該当事者双方で解決するものとし、当社には一切責任はないものとします。


1. 売買契約成立後のキャンセル、商品等の返品及び交換等(以下「キャンセル等」といいます。)は、商品不良、品違い又は数量違い等の当社の責めに帰すべき場合にのみ承ります。
2. ユーザーは、前項のキャンセル等を、当社が別途定める方法に従い行うものとします。


1. 商品等の色合い、形状については、モニターの設定等により、画面表示と実物とで異なる場合があります。
2. 当社は、ユーザーが入力した連絡先へ連絡すること、および商品等購入の際指示した発送先に商品を配送等することにより免責されるものとします。
3. 当社は、本サービス上での商品説明あるいは表記については、正確性、完全性、最新性等に関し最善を尽くしますが、一切誤りがないことを保証するものではありません。
4. 当社は、法律上の請求原因の如何を問わず、本サービスの利用から生じる如何なる損害、損失、不利益に関して責任を負わないものとします。また、本サービスにおいて売買される商品から生じた損害、損失、不利益に関して責任を負わないものとします。

Article 9 (Prohibited matters)

The user must not do the followings when using this service.

(1) Acts that violate the law
(2) Acts that violate public order and morals
(3) Acts related to criminal acts
(4) Copying, altering, falsifying, sending, transferring, distributing, reselling, or storing data for use for these purposes without the consent of the Company.
(5) Acts that damage the social credibility, evaluation and image of this service
(6) Infringement of intellectual property rights (including, but not limited to, copyrights, design rights, utility model rights, trademark rights, patent rights, and know-how) or any other rights of the Company or any third party.
(7) Acts that destroy or interfere with the functions of our server or network
(8) Acts that may interfere with the operation of our services
(9) Acts of collecting or accumulating personal information about other users
(10) Acts of pretending to be another user
(11) Acts that directly or indirectly provide benefits to antisocial forces in connection with our services
(12) Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate

Article 10 (suspension of provision of this service, etc.)

  • The Company may suspend or discontinue the provision of all or part of the Service without prior notice to the User if the Company deems that there is any of the following reasons
    (1) When performing maintenance, inspection or updating of the computer system related to this service
    (2) When it becomes difficult to provide this service due to force majeure such as an earthquake, lightning strike, fire, power outage, or natural disaster.
    (3) When the computer or communication line stops due to an accident
    (4) In addition, when we judge that it is difficult to provide this service
  • The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantages or damages incurred by users or third parties due to the cessation, interruption, or termination of this service for any reason whatsoever.

Article 11 (Usage restrictions and deregistration)

  • In the following cases, we may restrict the use of all or part of this service to the user or cancel the registration as a user without prior notice.
    (1) If you violate any provision of this agreement
    (2) When it is found that there is a false fact in the registered items
    (3) In addition, when we judge that the use of this service is not appropriate
  • The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to the user due to the actions taken by the Company based on this article.

Article 12 (Disclaimer)

  • Our default liability shall be exempted unless it is due to our intentional or gross negligence.
  • Even if we are liable for any reason, we shall be liable for compensation only to the extent of the damage that could normally occur and to the extent of the price for paid services (or the equivalent of one month's worth for continuous services).
  • We do not guarantee that this service will be compatible with all users' terminals.
  • We do not take any responsibility for the completeness, accuracy, certainty, usefulness, etc. of the contents of this service and the information that users can know through this service.
  • We are not responsible for any transactions, communications or disputes that occur between the user and other users or third parties regarding this service.

Article 13 (Changes in service content, etc.)

The Company may change the contents of this service or discontinue the provision of this service without notice to the user, and shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the user as a result of such changes.

Article 14 (Change of Terms of Use)

The Company shall be able to change this agreement at any time without notifying the user if it deems it necessary.

  • We may change the terms of use at our discretion in the following cases.
    (1) When the change of terms of use is in the general interest of the user
    (2) The change in the terms of use does not violate the purpose for which the contract was made and is reasonable in light of the necessity of the change, the reasonableness of the content after the change, the content of the change, and other circumstances pertaining to the change.
  • If the user uses this service after the effective date of the changed terms of use, the user shall be deemed to have agreed to the change of the terms of use.

Article 15 (Intellectual Property Rights)

  • All intellectual property rights such as copyrights and trademark rights related to this service belong to the Company or the licensor.
  • The Company grants the User a non-exclusive right to use the Service in accordance with these Terms of Service and the terms of use posted within the Service. Even if you follow the procedures indicated as "purchase," "sale," etc. On the screen of the Service, the intellectual property rights or ownership rights related to the Service will not be transferred to you, and you will be granted the right to use the Contents.
  • Users are allowed to use the copyrighted materials related to this service and post or upload them to various SNS services. However, the user shall delete the information posted or uploaded to various SNS services only when requested to do so by the Company or the source of rights such as licensors.
  • If contents posted by a user include intellectual property rights of a licensor other than the Company, the guidelines for secondary works separately stipulated by the licensor (hereinafter referred to as the "Guidelines") shall take precedence over these Terms. If the Guidelines do not exist, these Terms of Use will apply.
  • In case any problems related to intellectual property rights such as copyrights arise in violation of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the User shall resolve such problems at its own expense and responsibility, and shall not cause any inconvenience or damage to the Company or the Licensor.

Article 16 (Notification or Contact)

Notification or communication between the user and the Company shall be made by the method specified by the Company.

Article 17 (Prohibition of transfer of rights and obligations)

The User may not assign or pledge to a third party his/her position under the User Agreement or rights or obligations under these Terms of Service without the prior written consent of the Company.

Article 18 (Governing law / jurisdiction)

  • In interpreting this agreement, Law of Japan shall be the governing law.
  • In the event of a dispute regarding this service, the court with jurisdiction over the location of the head office of the Company shall have exclusive jurisdiction.


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