How to play MakeAvatar

Your own avatar made by Make Avatar can be used by linking with various platforms.

Supported Services (as of Feb 2024)
VRoid Hub

How to link with VRChat

You can upload the following six avatar brands “Ketai(Female)”, “Ketai(Male)”, “Chibi Ketai”, “Mochipoly”, “Goku Poly”, “MIRRAFY”.

1. Access XMarket web page.

2. Select menu to login to your account.

3. Open your “My account” information page.

④Click “Link accounts.”

⑤Select ”Link” button of VRChat.

⑥It automatically moves to the VRChat website. Log in to your account and click “Authorize.”

⑦Your UAccount is linked to the VRChat account!

⑧Start the MakeAvatar app, and tap “Link with UAccount.”

⑨Log in with your UAccount.

⑩Once you log in to the account, it automatically back to the app. Select an avatar and press “START.”

⑪Select “Create New.”

⑫After customizing the avatar, select “External link icon” to upload your avatar.

⑬Choose “VRChat.”

⑭Tap “Upload.”

⑮Select the target platform.

⑯Check the preview.

⑰Upload your avatar after checking “Avatar Terms of Use.”

⑱Uploading started. You will be notified by email when the upload is completed.
*It may take up to one hour.


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