How to play MakeAvatar

Your own avatar made by Make Avatar can be used by linking with various platforms

Supported Services (as of July 2022)
VRoid Hub
Ikebukuro Mirror-World

How to link with VRChat

As of July 1st, 2022, you can upload the following four avatar brands “Chibi Ketai”, “Mochipoly”, “Goku Poly”, “MIRRAFY”. “Ketai” avatar uploading will be available in the future.

1. Access XMarket web page.

2. Select menu to login to your account.

* XMarket account have been renamed Uaccount

3. Open your “My account” information page.

4. Scroll down the page and select “Link accounts”.

5. Select” Link” for VRChat.

Move to the VRChat site. Login to VRChat and select “Yes” to confirm.

7. Now, your XMarket account has been linked to your VRChat account!

Once you link both accounts, then buy “Slot Ticket” and “Upload Ticket” on XMarket. (Buy from this link)

9. Start your MakeAvatar app, and then link your app and the XMarket account that is linked to VRChat.

10. Login with your XMarket account information.

* XMarket account have been renamed Uaccount

11. If “Link with XMarket” turns into “Login” and “Account”, it’s successful!

12. After you create your avatar with MakeAvatar app, tap “External link” to upload your avatar.

13. Tap “VRChat”.

14. Tap “Add a Slot” and spend a “Slot Ticket” to make a slot on VRChat.

15. Upload your avatar with an “Upload Ticket“.

17. Uploading has started. When it’s completed, you’ll receive an email from XMarket. *It may take an hour at most.


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