"Gayadori Ryo" Original Texture(Mirrafy)_0
"Gayadori Ryo" Original Texture(Mirrafy)_0
"Gayadori Ryo" Original Texture(Mirrafy)_1
"Gayadori Ryo" Original Texture(Mirrafy)_2
"Gayadori Ryo" Original Texture(Mirrafy)_3
"Gayadori Ryo" Original Texture(Mirrafy)_4
"Gayadori Ryo" Original Texture(Mirrafy)_5
"Gayadori Ryo" Original Texture(Mirrafy)_6
"Gayadori Ryo" Original Texture(Mirrafy)_7

"Gayadori Ryo" Original Texture(Mirrafy)


Description of item

■Free distribution for a limited time only!

Redemption Keyword "ガヤドリ".

Enter the redemption keyword from "Enter Keyword" on the page to get the texture! You can get the texture by entering the redemption keyword from "Enter the keyword" on the page! ①Launch the application and tap "Login" at the bottom of the title screen. ②Enter your XMarket registration information and log in. ③You have been added to the list of Mirrafy textures!

Available at Mirrafy! Textures designed by "Gayadori Ryo".

This texture can be used with Mirrafy, the official avatar character of "Ikebukuro Mirror World". Let's go play at Ikebukuro Mirror World with your favorite textured Mirrafy!

▼Here's the link▼

https://xr-marketplace.com/makeavatar/play *This item is for Mirafee only.

■About the design

■Mizuki Hayashi

Avatar of Mizuki Hayashi, the voice actor who worked as Gayadori Green in "Gayadori Ryo 2020". ◆Comments "I'm not good at drawing, so I made a picture out of the words!"

■Akira Orihara

Avatar of Akira Orihara, the voice actor who worked as Gayadori Yellow in "Gayadori Ryo 2020". ◆Comments "I forgot to include the yellow element."

■Shuichiro Umeda

Avatar of Umeda Shuichiro, the voice actor who worked as Gayadori Blue in "Gayadori Ryo 2020". ◆Comments "Here we go."

■Teppei Uenishi

Avatar of Teppei Uenishi, the voice actor who worked as Gayadori Green in "Gayadori Ryo 2021". ◆Comments "If you look closely, you can see various hidden letters."

■Ryusei Ishida

Avatar of Ryusei Ishida, the voice actor who worked as Gayadori Pink in "Gayadori Ryo 2021". ◆Comments "The key is the use of the ears. Oh, and the time on your wristwatch is 20:00! It's the time we're supposed to be doing the event!"

■Kaito Ota

Avatar of Kaito Ota, the voice actor who worked as Gayadori Yellow in "Gayadori Ryo 2021". ◆Comments "The gold in the eyes is the key."

■Taihi Kimura

Avatar of Taihi Kimura, the voice actor who worked as Gayadori Blue in "Gayadori Ryo 2021". ◆Comments "I went with a fancy pattern that's uniquely my own! The head is pants!"

■Textures on sale!

▼Purchase here. https://xr-marketplace.com/packages?workIDs=250

■What is Mirrafy?

Mirrafy was designed to be a lovable character unique to Ikebukuro Mirror World, based on the motif of an owl, the symbol of Toshima-ku, where Ikebukuro is located, and incorporating a chunky form and horns (of a great horned owl). In the future, avatars will be able to be "drawn" like in a coloring book, and we kept the form simple, without complex shapes or expressions, to reflect the creativity of each person. The avatar can be fashioned with fashionable patterns, facial expressions, and a variety of other ideas.

■What is Ikebukuro Mirror World?

A metaverse service operated by TV Tokyo. It can be accessed from smartphones, PCs, VR devices, etc. with free membership registration. Opened at the end of March 2021, it currently has 18,000 free members. The company is working hard to create new entertainment while also involving terrestrial broadcasting and distribution. Official website:https://www.mworld.jp/ ========================= ▼MakeAvatar iOS:https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/makeavatar/id1450475917 Android:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.gugenka.makeavatar&hl=ja

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Worldwide (excluding some areas)

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■Main item

林瑞貴 オリジナルテクスチャ(ミラフィー)

■Item list

木村太飛 オリジナルテクスチャ(ミラフィー) 

折原秋良 オリジナルテクスチャ(ミラフィー) 

梅田修一朗 オリジナルテクスチャ(ミラフィー) 

上西哲平 オリジナルテクスチャ(ミラフィー) 

石田流星 オリジナルテクスチャ(ミラフィー) 

太田海音 オリジナルテクスチャ(ミラフィー) 


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