MIKU LAND Post Office Worker Costume(Ketai)_0
MIKU LAND Post Office Worker Costume(Ketai)_0
MIKU LAND Post Office Worker Costume(Ketai)_1
MIKU LAND Post Office Worker Costume(Ketai)_2
MIKU LAND Post Office Worker Costume(Ketai)_3
MIKU LAND Post Office Worker Costume(Ketai)_4
MIKU LAND Post Office Worker Costume(Ketai)_5
Hatsune Miku "MIKU LAND"

MIKU LAND Post Office Worker Costume(Ketai)

¥2,200(Tax Included)

Release date2023/02/04End of sales2023/05/31

No longer available


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*Currently, This costume can only be used for the "Ketai (previous female version). " *Support for this costume with the updated Ketai (female version) released in April 2023 will be added gradually. Please note that this costume cannot be used for Ketai (female version) until support is fully added. We will inform you about the compatibility status on the official MakeAvatar Twitter account. ▼Meiko【MakeAvatar Official Twitter】 https://twitter.com/MakeAvatar

Avatar costumes for the "MIKU LAND 2022 YOSAKURA" are now available!

Let's dress up your avatar and go play in the virtual space! MIKU LAND 2022 YOSAKURA" collaboration costumes now on sale! ▼Senbonzakura Costume (Ketai) https://xr-marketplace.com/en/package/624 ▼Nazomiku Assistant Costume (Ketai) https://xr-marketplace.com/en/package/646 ▼Nazomiku Assistant Costume (ChibiKetai) https://xr-marketplace.com/en/package/645 ▼MIKU LAND Post Office Worker Costume (Ketai) https://xr-marketplace.com/en/package/647 ========================= What is "MIKU LAND"? This is an official VR amusement park for Miku Hatsune. You can communicate with other users in the VR space and enjoy shopping for MIKU LAND original products. By uploading to THE SEED ONLINE via MakeAvatar You can wear these costumes to the official VR world "MIKU LAND" of "HATSUNE Miku". ▽MIKU LAND official website https://mikuland.com/ ▽"MIKU LAND Official Twitter https://twitter.com/Mikuland_info ========================= Account Linking Process : https://xr-marketplace.com/en/makeavatar/play 【Services that can be linked to "Ketai (previous female version)"】(as of 2023.04) ・VirtualCast ・VRoid Hub ▼Click here to download the app. iOS:https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/makeavatar/id1450475917 Android:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.gugenka.makeavatar&hl=ja =========================

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ミクランド 郵便局員 衣装(化体)

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