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Attack on Titan

Erwin Smith

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Release date2021/12/25End of sales2022/12/24

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Erwin from “Attack on Titan” is now available in HoloModels!

Erwin Smith from “Attack on Titan”, which has achieved worldwide popularity, became a digital figure on HoloModels! HoloModels is a 3DCG digital figure service that is compatible with cross devices such as smartphone AR, VR devices for the age of Metaverse. The service has a high value in ownership with the view that the purchased product will be compatible with various devices such as smart glasses that will appear in the future. The service was launched in 2017 and has a lineup of over 100 titles, allowing users to combine characters and enjoy collecting them. Erwin can appear in the real world!! You can make them life-size or in any pose you like. It has all the features of a digital product! Take your HoloModels figures with just your smartphone. Pose them at home and then go out with your favorite characters. Enjoy your life with HoloModels! Adjust details as you like! HoloModels figures allow you to adjust details as you like. You can create facial expressions, poses and situations of the character by adjusting body parts such as arms, legs and other parts. It allows you to express a rich range of emotions, such as the sorrowful expression on his face when he reveals his true feelings to Levi in the comic, or the powerful speech scene where he inspires his subordinates. Create your own situation by combining the attached items! Attached items allow you to create your original situation as well as reconstruct your favorite scene in the comic. You can attach items from the Levi figure to Erwin, too. ▼Download the HoloModels app here.▼ Android: iOS:

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Erwin Smith

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The Spirit of the Scout Regiment 

Ultrahard Steel Brade [right] 

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