Shinohara Heavy Industries Jumpsuit(Ketai)_0
Shinohara Heavy Industries Jumpsuit(Ketai)_0
Mobile Police PATLABOR

Shinohara Heavy Industries Jumpsuit(Ketai)

¥2,200(Tax Included)

Release date2021/09/30End of sales2022/07/31

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The avatar clothing of Shinohara Heavy Industries Jumpsuit from Mobile Police PATLABOR is released for MakeAvatar app!

Shinohara Heavy Industries Jumpsuit becomes "Chibi Ketai" style (deformed chibi design). Wear the clothing for your avatar made by MakeAvatar™, and go to virtual worlds! *This clothing is only for "Chibi Ketai" avatar. ①Buy an avatar clothing, and you'll receive a serial number ②Login to XMarket (this website) ③Click "Enter serial number" button on the product page, then enter your the serial number. ④By linking your MakeAvatar app with XMarket accountk you can use the costume on the app. =========================

★☆From Mobile Police PATLABOR, Special Vehicle Division 2 uniform is also now on sale!☆★

“Mobile Police PATLABOR” Special Vehicle Division 2 uniform for Chibi Ketai Avatar: ========================= How to link MakeAvatar with DOOR: MakeAvatar PV: ▼Download app iOS: Android:

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