Special Vehicle Division 2 uniform(Chibiketai)_0
Special Vehicle Division 2 uniform(Chibiketai)_0
Mobile Police PATLABOR

Special Vehicle Division 2 uniform(Chibiketai)

¥2,200(Tax Included)

Release date2021/09/30End of sales2022/07/31

No longer available


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The avatar clothing of Special Vehicle Division 2 uniform from “Mobile Police PATLABOR” is released for MakeAvatar app!

Special Vehicle Division 2 uniform becomes "Chibi Ketai" style (deformed chibi design). Wear the clothing for your avatar made by MakeAvatar™, and go to virtual worlds! *This clothing is only for "Chibi Ketai" avatar. ①Buy an avatar clothing, and you'll receive a serial number ②Login to XMarket (this website) ③Click "Enter serial number" button on the product page, then enter your the serial number. ④By linking your MakeAvatar app with XMarket accountk you can use the costume on the app. =========================

★☆From Mobile Police PATLABOR, Shinohara Heavy Industries Jumpsuit is also now on sale!☆★

Shinohara Heavy Industries Jumpsuit for Chibi Ketai Avatar: https://xr-marketplace.com/package/502 ========================= How to link MakeAvatar with DOOR:https://xr-marketplace.com/makeavatar/play MakeAvatar PV:https://youtu.be/1EY9OFoKPMk ▼Download app iOS:https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/makeavatar/id1450475917 Android:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.gugenka.makeavatar&hl=ja

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