Ashford Academy Uniform (Ketai)_0
Ashford Academy Uniform (Ketai)_0
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Code Geass

Ashford Academy Uniform (Ketai)

¥2,200(Tax Included)

Release date2022/10/07End of sales2023/10/06

Description of item

Collaboration costumes with "Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion" are now available!

Ketai" female version and male version will be available as a set for resale! Let's dress up as avatars created with MakeAvatar and go play in the virtual space! ▼Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion x FLOW Virtual Live This set of costumes includes one costume for "Ketai" (female version) and one costume for "Ketai" (male version). *Please note that Ketai (female version) cannot be uploaded to VRChat at this time.

"Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion x FLOW Virtual Live" Tickets on sale now!

▼詳しくはこちら =========================

Slot tickets and upload tickets are required to be upload to "VRChat".

▼Click here to purchase tickets. ※Currently, "Ketai" avatars cannot be uploaded to VRChat. ▼Click here for more information. ========================= Cooperation Procedure: ▼Click here to download the app. iOS: Android: =========================

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Worldwide (excluding some areas)

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アッシュフォード学園制服 衣装(化体-女性バージョン)

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アッシュフォード学園制服 衣装(化体-男性バージョン) 


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