About pre-orders

XMarket allows you to pre-order pre-launch products. When using pre-orders, please be sure to check the handling and precautions of the pre-ordered products.

About payment confirmation of pre-order

Pre-orders for XMarket are prepaid. Please note that payment will be confirmed at the time of ordering.

About payment method for pre-order

Only credit card payment is accepted for pre-order. Please note that d-barai is not supported.

Cancellation / refund of pre-order

In principle, XMarket do not accept cancellation of pre-order products due to customer's convenience after the order is confirmed. Please note. After the product has been offered, we will only accept cancellations and refunds if the product is defective.

If the sale of the product is canceled due to the circumstances of the seller, the price paid at the time of pre-order will be refunded.

About the offer date of pre-order products

The period from the pre-order to the offer of the product varies from product to product. Please check description of each product.

* Due to the circumstances of the seller, the scheduled offer date stated at the time of ordering may be postponed. We will notify you of the new offer date on the XMarket site or by email.


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