MF文庫J『夏の学園祭 2023』

MF Bunko J Summer School Festival 2023

Event date

Let's have a great time at the "Summer School Festival"! Experience a larger variety of official broadcasts and games on VRChat, that exceeds last year!
This year's theme is ≪Amusement Park≫ !! You can play some games in the virtual world.
In addition, you can see the heroines wearing cute and also beautiful costumes!?
Hang out with your friends to enjoy MF Bunko J's content in a gorgeous venue!! This wonderful experience is available only this summer!!
Photography, recording, and videotaping are not permitted for commercial purposes.
Distribution is not for monetization
No filming, recording, or videotaping of the program videos shown in the "gymnasium" at the venue.

This year's "Summer School Festival" virtual exhibition is an ≪Amusement Park≫.

The 1st floor has been updated and has powered up the area of school gate and the schoolyard!!
Furthermore, games have been added, and you can enjoy mini games of popular MF Bunko J titles such as "poker", "roulette", "slot" and "billiards".
Let's take a photo with the heroines as bunny girls!

Worlds where anyone can participate

Enter via VRChat!

Worlds where you can participate with your smartphone

Enter via DOOR!

*The games and gimmicks in a VRChat version cannot be used in the DOOR versions.

Check out the official website for more events!

MF Bunko J "Summer School Festival 2023" official website is here.


Admission varies for each platform.
Please check and prepare in advance so that you can see the event smoothly.

Event FAQ

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you need help, please click here.

●Difference between each platforms

WorldGimmicks and GamesCompatible Things
All Areas

PCVR/PC(Windows)/Meta Quest 2/Meta Quest Pro
All Areas
Not Available
PC/smartphone/Meta Quest 2/Meta Quest Pro

Area List*The VRChat version and the DOOR version have different contents.

UPDATEEntrance Area

Shops will appear from the road to the school gate, leading up to the building! You can also enjoy a bonfire that is part of cultural festival event.

NEW AREA!Game Area

You can play games such as slot machines and poker.*The games and gimmicks in a VRChat version cannot be used in the DOOR versions.

Gymnasium (public viewing)

In this area, you can watch the live streaming program, and chat with other fans and your friends.

Library (trial reading)

You can try reading the light novels of MF Bunko J.

【VRChatワールド】Bar vol.02【照明2種類有】( カべ3D(

2nd grade collaboration classroom (Same world as 2022.)

"No Game No Life", "Classroom of the Elite", and "The Detective Is Already Dead" classrooms are here. You can explore the atmosphere of those light novels.

You can get free avatar costumes with special illustrations for a limited time!

MakeAvatar costumes that can be used in MakeAvatar will be given away to all participants!
Please enter the "keyword" for the present on the VRChat or at the DOOR venue Fill in the "keyword" for the gift on the XMarket page and get the limited edition T-shirt for the Summer School Festival!
Distribution gifts period: July 23 - July 31, 2023(JST)
*XMarket account registration is required.


XR (AR / VR) Digital Figures



Make your own avatar with Your smartphone