How to play HoloModels

Play with AR (smartphone app)

It is an application that allows you to display digital figures anywhere you like with AR. You can freely change the size and enjoy the pose by using the spray of various functions.

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Pro mode

App launch & rack display

The purchased figure is stored in the item box. First, take it out of the box and decorate it on the rack.

Pro mode

Installation of figures

Take the figure out of the box and place it on the floor.

Pro mode

Enjoy changing the size

You can change the size of the figure with 'Resize Spray'. Freely from 1/1 to 1/144.。

Pro mode

Pose freely

You can freely pose with 'Pose Spray'.

Pro mode

Change to your favorite expression

You can finely change the facial expression with 'Facial Spray'.

Pro mode

Light adjustment & shooting

You can change the direction of the light by changing the direction of the light. You can also pick up the camera and take a picture.

Pro mode

Save and load poses

When your favorite pose is complete, you can save it and load it from the load.

Pro mode

Makeover & parts change

Depending on the figure, it is possible to replace special transformations and parts.


XR (AR / VR) Digital Figure



My avatar that can be made with a smartphone