SANRIO Virtual Fes in Sanrio Puroland
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Sanrio Mochipoly

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By connecting a head-mounted display to a gaming PC, you can participate in this event with a highly immersive experience. When you dive into a VR space, you can freely move and play on various floors and enjoy the live performances of artists right in front of you.
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Free room enter link

This event is ended. You can enter event venue until 12/19(Sun) 23:59 (Japan time).

There are several links for each floor due to the limited number of participants for one room. The content is the same


How to enter

Access differs by each platform.
Please cofirm how to enter and prepare to enjoy the event.

Sanrio Mochipoly

To Enjoy on VRChat and DOOR more

You can dive into the VR with the original avatar "Mochipoly" for this event. (Avatars are free of charge.)

Participants are required to enter with the original avatar "Mochipoly" f (free of charge) to enter B2 and B3 floor.
Sanrio avatar costumes will be charged separately and can be purchased at XMarket.

More about the avatar

Event FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions. If you have any problems, please click here.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact us from Discord.
※Discord registration is required in advance.


XR (AR / VR) Digital Figures



Make your own avatar with Your smartphone